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You’re never truly independent until you understand this.

Despite everything they’ve done for you, there comes a time where you have to realize that the only thing holding you back from what you want to do is what your parents think.

Almost every hero story involves the death of the hero’s parents.

Think being “creative” is a good thing? Think again.

You can think up the most innovative idea in the world for how to market your products and services. But unless you actually manage to sell something, your creativity won’t mean jack shit.

If you’re thinking about getting into marketing, you’ve probably heard that you need to be “creative.”

Good marketing is about selling (even if it’s not ‘creative’).

You see, being a marketer isn’t about recreating episodes of Mad Men with a modern, politically correct twist.

We all know the 3 dimensions — length, width, and… umm… deep…ness.

Having my heart broken was one of the best things to ever happen.

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Heartbreak’s a bitch. It’s like getting stabbed in the heart with a rusty spoon.

There’s always another bus every 5 minutes.

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One of the toughest problems you face when you’re in a relationship is choosing between chasing your dreams and chasing the person of your dreams. That and deciding who’s cleaning the cat’s litter box.

Risk? Or Regret?

When I was a young, arrogant coward of a cook, I was once offered a job at the best restaurant in the city.

Look for something that’s worth dying for.

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What if the point of life wasn’t to be happy but to suffer?

Focus on what you give, not what you get.

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Rejection is more difficult to handle than a car without a steering wheel.

Focus on what you give, not what you get

You don’t have to worry about being rejected if you stop caring about getting…

Don’t let yourself be a puppet unless you’re the puppeteer.

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Getting expelled from high school isn’t your typical coming-of-age story.

Once you start, it’s hard to stop

The pressure…

Helmets are overrated

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‘Do you actually know how to ride?’

Featuring lots of erotic metaphors

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If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from business school, it’s how to write more effectively. And also the fact that tax accounting is hella boring.

Bottom Line On Top

The most important business writing principle I continue to use is to…


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